It dries quickly and thoroughly. It lasts two weeks. It still gleams on Day 14. NO DENTS and NO DRYING time. It’s instantly 100 percent dry. 
The result may vary from individual.


Victoria Nails 2 offers a wide range of professional services to address the every need of your hands & feet. We are dedicated to providing you with the most brand name products and sanitary nail care available. All of our implement are sterilized using M7 SPEEDCLAVE Steam Sterilizer, Hospital-graded procedure & store in sterilization pouch for individual use to ensure your health and safety.


It is our pleasure to provide you with a comfortable & friendly place where you can truly relax & be pampered.To excel in a new era of nail and beauty care, we encourage continuing education, we are selective in staffing, and committed to continuously upgrading new Pedicure chairs and new Pedicure services.


Quality, Cleanliness and Sanitation is Our #1 Priority. Walk-in Welcome. Visa & Mastercard Accepted. Gift Certificates available.